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As the lead designer for Dakine’s new technical outerwear line, I worked mostly on men’s garments using the design direction and technical advisement I provided to the entire team.


The garments needed to be designed and engineered for performance.I relied upon my own experience as an athlete, and the input from Dakine’s pro riders to create a progressive, yet technical, line.


Dakine has to continue to push to reach a youthful market. I used progressive prints, colors and styling to reach a younger consumer. However, I ensured the technical features stayed intact.


Spyder's Quest Collection must maintain the signature design language the company is known for. This shows the process from concept through flat sketch.


Using aeronautics and auto design for inspiration, I pushed the boundaries with asymmetry and strong angles to appeal to the younger, faster consumer.


My intention was to design a contoured fit by adding a shooter sleeve and ribbed side panels to achieve an updated look.


This design has heavy influence from the world of Formula 1. It is a fitted garment which would standout among the sea of conventional ski jackets. I stowed the hood and offered zip cuffs to keep it streamline.


Following the same design language from the Raptor, I designed this highly technical outerwear jacket for Spyder. It had many features and trims to be a premium piece.


This pant followed the Speed/Style Direction and was designed to be merchandised with three different jackets.


I designed a handful of women's garments at Spyder. This garment was a concept for the "Platinum" collection and was inspired by the BMW "Gina” concept car.


A montage of inspirational imagery. This design language conveys the integration between form and function and was the essence of the SS11 direction.


The "Strike" top for men has strategically integrated vents for cooling while in motion.


Contour seaming, bodymap and jacquard vents designed to enhance athletic performance bothphysically and psychologically.


I was the lead Compression designer for men's and women's at Under Armour. I worked alongside physiologists and materials team to create the worlds best recovery compression.


Combining elements from body armor, integrated design and graphics (called "Consequence of Motion"), The Bolt Collection was formed.


The concept of "Bring Me Home", was targeted at athletes that needed apparel to-and-from the field of play. This was an opportunity to accommodate athletes that were loyal to the Brand.


Clever color and hybrid fabrics facilitated form and function in this style. I used my experience at Spyder to design these quilted pieces.




The fleece items needed to be wearable for both training and casual use. The athletic look doesn't preclude it from being worn on the bus ride home from a game. I coordinated the colors with footwear whenever possible.


The design and graphics were inspired by thedirectional movement an athlete needs to master in his sport.


I chose multiple fabrics and exterior taping to elevate this basic hoody.


Charged Cotton was a company-wide initiative for which I was an integral part of. I dressed up these basic hoodies with 3D logos, printed liners and quality trims.


The objective was to create the most comfortable, anatomical, durable compression base layer for protective padding. I used the best woven fabrics with ventilation panels. As always, the baselayer corresponds to the outer jersey with logo and graphics.


This is a small sampling of my designs in action. I always try to predict how a design will look in their respective activity.


I collaborated with top mountain bikers to acheive the best style and fit for hybrid garments.


This award-winning short became an instant hit and sold out in its first season. My selective combination of technical fabrics, welded seams and a comfortable liner launched it to one of the hottest items in the Spring of 2005.


Cycling apparel designs start with clean, racy looks but are complimented with high-performance textiles and functionalfeatures. I've researched, designed and sourced factories that could produce cutting-edge and engineered garments.


I was the lead designer for all TEAM CSC performance, base and casual apparel. This became a true product liaison role which required intimate knowledge of cycling, factory visits and customizing for various teams' needs.


The concept, design and development of this skinsuit was necessary to perpetuate Descente's technological advancements in apparel and, in doing so, pique the interest of the world's top professional cycling teams.


I designed and developed the Axiom Convertible jacket to ensure my vision, and its construction were executed properly. I tailored this piece to be more ergonomic for running with a pocket in the back for storage, and 360? degree refelectivity for the runner's safety.




This is a small sampling of my winter designs in action. I always try to predict how a design will look in their respective activity.


The knowledge of custom sublimation is very deep – and you can never know everything. I've received the know-how from my education and many factory visits to take a project from design to print at every step.


I've designed many accessories for skiing and cycling most of which are gloves. I take every consideration of fit, function, articulation, textiles and protection intoaccount when producing these designs.

I've designed many accessories, including gloves. I've spent time with athletes and factories to dial-in the final products.




I worked with multiple factories abroad to create thisinnovative cycling pad. It was my creation from start to finish yielding the most technical chamois on the market. I also wrote the marketing story for the sales team.

There was a need to pioneer a chamois to catapult our shorts to match the best in the world. I collaborated with our factory in northern Italy to develop the world's first mulit-layered, multi-tiered, anatomically molded, stitchless, welded, four-way stretch, printed chamois. After two years in development, we introduced the "Strata".


Here are a few examples of my trims designs that I was responsible for from concept to production.




Here are a few examples of labels that were integrated into garments. I was responsible for concept and design to materials to production.


Spyder introduced a Moto inspired collection for their Fall 2002 Season. I designed a collection of sublimated jerseys which complemented the line at retail.

I've designed numerous graphics for outerwear, t-shirts and promotional apparel for different seasons and events.